Greg Williams | Chairman & CEO

Greg is SWAG’R’s fearless leader and top dog. As the Founder and CEO of SWAG’R He guides the big picture vision of SWAG’R. He keeps the team running smoothly and provide this great group of people his overall company drive and excitement. He also is the company cheerleader that injects massive passion and fun life changing experiences.

Mr. Williams is a true serial entrepreneur, he started his startup journey at 24 years old as the Co-Founder and Vice President for ShopperBoX , a smart parcel and        Ecommerce delivery platform. Mr. Williams was responsible for the overall business development and fund raising.  While at ShopperBox the company went through two major rounds of financing and had several partnerships in the Ecommerce and parcel delivery industries.  The company exited in late 2002.

After ShopperBox he founded Pontifx LLC.  Pontifx LLC is a private commercial real estate lending firm.  This company is still in operation and profitable.

Mr. Williams is currently advising two medical technologies in the U.S. and U.K.  He lives in Portland, OR and is US Army Recon Specialist Veteran.  He also is known as a true ski bum and holds the world record for the largest King salmon caught under 18 @ 75LBs.

Rob Sapirstein | COO

Rob is a proven veteran within the college market realm. He was responsible for the Kinko’s College Campus national launch, working with an annual budget of $40 million. Revenues for Robs division were more than $800 million. This launch went down as one of the best college product launch to date. As COO for Swag’r, Rob is dedicated to operating the current fantastic opportunities in the college vertical. When working in the complex Higher Education world, Rob has had to become the consummate problem solver while navigating in a start-up environment.

Rob works with the big picture vision of Swag’r and sees to it that structure can be created. He often must sit at the intersection of multiple departments to ensure that the company goals are accomplished and achieved. Rob is leading the national launch of Swag’r from coast to coast. He will capitalize on the similarities, while managing the unique challenges of operating in markets from Boston with its ivy, to Los Angeles with its beaches.

In the future Rob looks forward to finding and building additional markets for SWAG’R. He has an eye on the sports and entertainment worlds. With college operating, Rob will eagerly look to expand Swag’r into college and professional sports. This fits with his personal love of sports. While living in Kirkland, WA with his wife and twin daughters, the whole family actively participates in every sport they can get their hands on. Rob mentions that his work success is based entirely on the great team he gets to work with.

Marcia Stilwell | CFO

Corporate finance and operations professional with progressive experience building and leading teams through domestic and international expansion, challenging market cycles, constantly changing landscapes, and reorganizations.  Results-oriented, critical thinker and creative problem solver with solid record of contributions leading to improved financial performance, increased productivity and enhanced internal controls.  Skilled natural leader, adept at building, mentoring and coaching teams of dedicated, loyal employees.

Experience includes strategic planning, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting; finance; investor relations; negotiating legal agreements; HR; customer/vendor relations and contract management; ITl; and accounting and financial reporting.

24 years at NIKE, Inc.: Started when the company had $300.0M in revenue.  Advanced through various Finance positions to VP – Corporate Treasurer last 14 years of my career there, managing a global staff of over 40.  When retired, revenues had grown to over $15.0B.  Ex-officio member of the Board of Directors during tenure as Treasurer.

Last 6 years spent working with several start-ups in Finance and Operational roles. Most recently with Househappytrax, a start-up that has completely pivoted its business model from being a real estate search portal to being a home maintenance and management app, addressing all of the challenges this has presented along the way.

Isaac Romay | CTO

Isaac Romay is Chief Technical Officer of SWAGR, CEO and Founder of Mahash Spas & Salons, and an entrepreneur with several successful Tech and Hospitality enterprises to his credit. His converging expertise of these two diverse verticals has made him a pioneer in applying the power of IT to personalize and improve guest experience in hospitality sector. 

Born and raised in Switzerland, Isaac is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, Swiss German and Russian. Born in a third-generation entrepreneur family, Isaac initially chose to study computer science at University of California, San Diego, and graduated summa cum laude in 1998. The same year, he co-founded ShopperBox Networks and created the first web based electronic locker based logistics and delivery solution now used by Amazon, UPS and Fedex. He co-founded Pure Fitness, a San Diego-based luxury fitness chain, and Younique Anti Aging solutions, a spa operator and nutritional supplements and cosmetic formulations brand.

Straddling two very divergent professional worlds, he decided to explore the hospitality sector as well and joined Ecole hotelier de Lausanne in Switzerland to study business administration and hotel management. Hee graduated summa cum laude in 2005.  Next credentials on his list were a Corporate Management Program from Movenpick Hotel & Resorts in 2006 and internships at Movenpick and Four Seasons properties. The same year, he co-founded Frescovia, an online organic food delivery company, in Geneva, Switzerland.  Expanding his footprint to Moscow, Russia, in 2008, he founded Bimbu Luxury Atelier, a clothing repair and restoration company, and Copyking, the first completely eco-friendly print center in the Russian capital.  Mahash, his most celebrated spa & salon venture, followed with properties in Russia and Spain and its own brand organic cosmetics now sold across Russia and Europe.

All Isaac’s enterprises have a unique technology footprint – they are all powered by IT systems developed first-hand by him. He is a recognized leader in utilizing information technology tools to enhance guest experience in hospitality industry. Owing to this rare convergence of diverse skills and his notable entrepreneurial successes, Isaac is regularly invited to hold workshops and deliver addresses at leading companies across Russian and Europe.


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